What is a Success Coordinator?

Meet Our

Success Coordinators
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What is a Success Coordinator?

Success Coordinators are your main point of contact once enrolled with My Online Schooling. They work closely with the Education teams to deliver the best experience possible for your family. Your Success Coordinator is available to support you in your journey with us and answers any queries you may have. Having an assigned Success Coordinator allows for a more personalised approach for our families.

How do I contact my Success Coordinator?

Your Success Coordinator can be contacted directly using the details they provide ahead of your start date with us. You can also contact either our Junior or Secondary school where your Success Coordinator will be available too.

We look forward to working with you to achieve the best outcomes for your child!

Introducing Callum, Success Coordinator at MOS

Introducing Emma, Success Coordinator at MOS

Success Coordinator Team

Callum Profile Pic

Callum McGregor

Success Coordinator Team Leader - Junior School

My focus as Success Coordinator Team Leader is to be a support for both parents and pupils but also to build relationships with them. Leaving traditional school can be hard so having that one to one relationship can make the transition a lot easier. I’ve spent my whole working life in customer service and have experience talking to people every day so communication is important to me, and one of my greatest skills.

I have volunteered within a primary school as a classroom assistant over the course of a year, so I have experience speaking to pupils, teachers and parents. Gaining work experience within a school has shown me that every pupil will learn in their own unique way – so my aim is to provide tailored support to each and every individual.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time visiting my family and friends. I live in the city of Edinburgh so I enjoy exploring the capital and the surrounding areas. At the weekends I usually go for walks around the countryside or venture into the centre of Edinburgh for good food and the cinema.


Emma Wright

Success Coordinator Team Leader - Secondary School

My role here is to provide all our parents and pupils with the best support possible. Having spent years working in customer service, I know that the key to a good experience for parents is smooth communication – no query is too small!

I studied psychology and sociology, and I qualified in Social Sciences. I also volunteered as a classroom assistant for a local primary school, so I know how traditional schools operate. That’s why I’m such an advocate for what we do here – I’ve met lots of children who could have benefitted from it. It’s a brilliant option to have.

Before I joined My Online Schooling, I also worked in various customer-focused roles, working with people of all ages and backgrounds. The experience has helped me in my role here, providing the best possible support for our parents and pupils. It also shows me what an amazing team we have here. They’re truly amazing. It’s such a positive and supportive atmosphere, which really comes across in everything we do.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with animals, especially my kitten Tigger! I love music – I play a couple of instruments and I’m currently learning the piano – while I also love musical theatre, movies and travelling to sunny places.

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Hannah Dentith

Success Coordinator - Secondary School

Before joining My Online Schooling I have been lucky enough to specialise in relationship management, working in numerous customer centric roles both locally and internationally. My most recent venture prior to MOS has been within the digital education field. I am a 'people person' and believe this alongside my knowledge will ensure you have a positive experience working with me.

I majored in Education Studies at The University of Chester specialising in inclusive Education. During my studies I had the opportunity to work as an international mentor helping international students transition from their home country to the UK, increasing my ability to connect with parents and pupils on a personal level. My individual experience with online learning whilst working for Walt Disney World in Florida has enhanced my ability to relate and empathise with current pupils. This knowledge has fuelled my passion for inclusivity in Education which is what has drawn me to MOS.

My role as Secondary Success Coordinator is to work alongside you to ensure your young person has a positive learning experience. MOS teaches both academic learning and social development through clubs and our support hub. MOS truly epitomises the pupil-first philosophy and I am excited to be part of your child’s learning journey!

Outside of work I am a keen hiker and enjoy climbing Munros when the weather permits! I’m an enthusiastic theatre goer. I am also a foodie so enjoy travelling to new cities, trying out unusual cuisine.

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Emily Wilkinson

Success Coordinator - Secondary School

I studied Law at the University of Edinburgh and then completed a Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP University London. From my first job at the age of 13 to the present day, I have acquired extensive knowledge across many different industries including banking, hospitality and tourism. I have always been involved in customer service in some way; I love helping people and I'm always eager to find a solution. 

I also have experience living in rural Northern Ghana working alongside local schools/charities that set out to empower young girls through education. This really opened my eyes to the true value of an education; it changes the course of peoples' lives, so I'm really proud to now have the opportunity to work with My Online Schooling. Providing easier access to education for those who need it is so important and the work that MOS is doing is amazing; it is a very inclusive and forward thinking company which I am delighted to be a part of.

Originally born in England, I moved to Scotland at the age of 10, so I know how difficult the transition to a new school can be. I'm here as a Secondary Success Coordinator to make that transition easier for our Secondary School families. I'm here to help with any questions and will go above and beyond to help your family to get the most out of your time with MOS. 

I love travelling; meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, learning a bit of the local language, and trying new food. Outside of work, I like going out and trying new restaurants with friends/family. I am an avid reader and animal lover - my two rescue cats & two rescue dogs keep me busy. I also try and get involved in charity work as much as I can.

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Lucy Bavidge

Success Coordinator - Secondary School

Over the last 6 years I have been working within the Financial sector, where my role was varied; from providing financial reviews via video and telephone, to processing online application forms for various products behind the scenes. Throughout my years in banking I have achieved the Chartered Banker - Professional Bankers’ certificate.

As a Secondary Success Coordinator for My Online Schooling, it's my responsibility to ensure that all of the families I look after are well-supported and have the best experience with us at My Online Schooling. I am their first point of contact with the school, and am here to ensure their child is getting the best out of their time with us. I was originally drawn to MOS as their purpose and values resonate with me. I was so excited to become a part of a company who offer a service so unique and tailored to children that need an educational solution outside of mainstream schooling. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going for nice meals and keeping active. I climbed my first Munro this year and plan to do some more when the weather permits it!

Tegan Cannon

Success Coordinator - Junior School

Since graduating in 2013 I have pursued my passion for travel, from working on-board yachts in Croatia, to ski resorts in France and managing a luxury hotel for dogs in Western Australia. Back in the 'real world' I spent a number of years working as a luxury travel advisor, building close relationships with customers and tailor-making once in a lifetime holidays. 

I am a people-person with a passion for excellent customer service and have developed these skills in a range of industries, which has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to support you and your families' journey to success with My Online Schooling.

As a Junior Success Coordinator at My Online Schooling, my role is to support you and your child in achieving success, however that may look to the individual. I can be reached by email, phone call or even video chat, and no question is too small! Working closely with the Education team, you may see me in the classroom and assemblies, and I will be reaching out to families to celebrate all of the successes along the way.

I love the diversity and inclusivity of the school, and it is great to see children from all over the world coming together to share ideas and passions whilst working on projects in classrooms, or sharing their hobbies in our after school clubs. I also love the values embedded into the ethos of My Online Schooling - Respect, Empower, Thrive. Every member of staff on the team lives by these values every day, and it is great to work with like-minded people who share the same vision. We all know we are a part of something special, paving an inclusive, diverse and successful future for the next generation.

Outside of work I love travelling to new countries, going for long walks along the beach with my sausage dog Crumpet, or simply relaxing with a coffee and a good crime novel.