Support for Ukrainian Families


For Families
Affected by the conflict in Ukraine

Have you and your family been affected by the conflict in Ukraine?

My Online Schooling are currently offering a limited number of free places on our courses to support families who have been affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Families who are eligible for this support will not be charged any fees, including the Enrolment Fee, Deposit and tuition fees.

We are offering places on both My Online Schooling courses and English as an Additional Language classes via Lingua Connect.

Support will be available for the remainder of Term 3, academic year 2021/22.

Please click the drop-down buttons below for further details:

To be eligible for this support, you and your child must be:

  • Ukrainian nationals or residents who are still in Ukraine
  • Ukrainian nationals or residents who have fled Ukraine since the 1st February 2022

You and your child can be located anywhere in the world, and as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, your child has little or no access to education.

Upon enrolment, you’ll be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Ukrainian passport
  • OR Passport and proof of residency in Ukraine
  • OR Ukrainian National ID Card
  • Documentation which details refugee status in the country they have fled to

This support is currently available for the duration of Term 3 in the 21/22 academic year and Term 1 in the 22/23 academic year. Please note there are limited places available in each year group, and places will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.

In order to enrol your child in My Online Schooling lessons, your child must have a good level of English fluency. This is so that they are able to access the curriculum without any issues, as all My Online Schooling classes are taught in English.*

*Children who wish to enrol for our Lingua Connect classes (English as an Additional Language) are not required to be fluent in English.

Junior School – Full package (see full details here):
Year 3 – places available
Year 4 – places available
Year 5 – places available
Year 6 – places available
Secondary School – English, Maths and Science only:
Year 7 – places available
Year 8 – places available
Year 9 – places available

Lingua Connect (English as an Additional Language) 
Junior B1 – places available
Junior B2 – places available
Senior B1 – places available
Senior B2 – places available

If you are eligible to receive this support and would like to enrol your child, please submit the enquiry form below: