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Year 3 at My Online Schooling

We understand that online school can be daunting, particularly if your child is younger. When it comes to Year 3 at My Online Schooling, we often get asked questions like “Aren’t they too young?”, “How do they stay engaged?” and “How would my child make friends?”. 

Since 2016, our school has adapted the best aspects of bricks-and-mortar schooling to the online environment, resulting in the world’s most engaging online Year 3 curriculum for children ages 7-8 years old.

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Hear from our families

Taliya, now in Year 4, joined us last academic year initially due to Covid-19 school closures. Taliya was just 6-years-old when she enrolled in Year 3. Mum Soraya explains she was hesitant at first, and had all the same questions many parents have. But after a fantastic first year they have never looked back.

Watch this short video to hear more about:

  • Life as a Year 3 pupil at My Online Schooling
  • Key highlights of the Year 3 experience
  • How our younger pupils form friendships that span the globe

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Meet Soraya and Taliya

Frequently asked questions
About online schooling for Year 3

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Put simply – no! Although Year 3 is for 7-8 year-olds, we have pupils join us as young as 6 years-old who all enjoy a fully interactive, engaging and individualised Year 3 education.

As a Year 3 pupil at My Online Schooling, your child will benefit from:

  • An expertly-developed Junior curriculum, covering all key subject areas
  • Small class sizes – no more than 20 pupils per class
  • Live, interactive lessons
  • One dedicated class teacher across all subjects
  • Pastoral care, SEND and Wellbeing support

…and much more.

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Our Junior School curriculum has been developed by a team of experts in Primary education. Engagement, interaction and connectedness to the world are at the core of the curriculum design.

Our expert teachers use a number of techniques to make sure your Year 3 child is always active, engaged and happy in their learning. We use real-world examples to bring learning to life, drawing from our own pupils’ contexts and experiences in their home countries. The result is a unique and thriving international classroom experience.

In Year 3, you can also expect:

  • Active Hour (physical education) – new for 2022/23!
  • A Digital Library to support reading at home
  • Regular practical activities
  • Group projects
  • Games and competitions
  • Numerous enrichment opportunities

Listen to Year 3 teacher Carly Brosnan to find out more:

Whether you are a travel family, expats wishing to stick with the British schooling system or simply prefer homeschooling, online school offers the quality and flexibility for your child to learn anywhere and everywhere, in a way that suits them.

Some of the main benefits of online learning include:

  • Flexible timetables – leaving more time to pursue hobbies/interests
  • A unique, global school community
  • Small class sizes – no more than 20 pupils per class
  • SEND and Wellbeing Support
  • Development of digital skills
  • Opportunity to learn anywhere, even when travelling
  • Fully qualified, expert British curriculum teachers
  • All live lessons recorded, meaning your child will never need to miss a lesson

Yes! Learning online doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your child’s social life. We are delighted to see how our international classrooms enrich the educational and social lives of our younger pupils.

At My Online Schooling, we are continually implementing new ways for our pupils and families to connect with each other.

As a Year 3 family, you will take part in:

  • Weekly school assemblies
  • Friendly Faces time
  • Independent Learning celebration events
  • Above and Beyond Award & Hot Chocolate with the Head
  • Parent / Carer Teacher Consultations
  • Subject Hubs
  • Parent Curriculum Events
  • Heads of School Coffee Morning Drop-Ins
  • Our new My Online Schooling Community platform

No matter what age they join us, your child’s safety is our absolute priority. As a Cambridge International online school, we have rigorous safeguarding standards and procedures in place. You can view our safeguarding policy by clicking the button below.

We also incorporate online safety into our Junior curriculum, ensuring all of our pupils are equipped with the tools and awareness to stay safe online.

My Online Schooling is a school that listens to your whole family’s needs. Our classrooms our nurturing spaces that offer additional support where needed.

For general support, we offer:

  • A dedicated Success Coordinator, assigned to provide general support for families throughout their journey with us
  • Parent / Carer Teacher Consultations to strengthen positive home and school relationships, share details about pupil progress, next step targets and enhance parent support at home
  • Subject Hubs, where pupils can spend time independently exploring and learning about topics that link to the curriculum and find resources which both support and extend their learning
  • Parent Curriculum Events to share ideas, strategies and resources with our parents/carers to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to support learning at home
  • Heads of School Drop-Ins, monthly opportunity for families to come together for a coffee and chat with the school principal and the heads of school, offer parental voice and suggestions for next steps in school and a forum for parents to get to know each other socially


To support our pupils’ wellbeing, we offer:

  • Wellbeing support, to help pupils achieve success in their learning, but most importantly determine what success means to them
  • Laughtercise sessions – a blend of exercise and general silliness!
  • Providing young people with a voice and a platform to have their views and feelings heard with Mind of My Own app
  • Role models – impact-driven education provider who develop social and emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking in young people through online courses and sessions


For additional needs support, we have:

  • Thrive group sessions, additional lesson delivered by class teachers, that involves either supporting gaps or extending learning in Maths and/or English.
  • A school counsellor
  • Learning support, on top of our Quality First Education, we also offer additional support lessons for pupils who need them
  • Special Educational Needs And Disabilities support, we aim to work with families to gather information and specialist reports to help us to make reasonable adjustments for pupils with SEN

Meet our Junior Teachers

Our teaching team is made up of qualified, experienced and passionate professionals who are committed to making every lesson an engaging and enriching experience for our pupils.

In Key Stage 2, our pupils have the same classroom teacher teaching all the subjects throughout the academic year to maintain strong pupil-teacher and home-school relationships. Class sizes are kept small – no more than 20 pupils per class – for a focused and individualised learning experience.

Carly Brosnan

Bethany Jamieson

Our promise

My Online Schooling offers a truly pupil-centred approach to education. We provide learning opportunities tailored to the diverse needs of our younger pupils to help them achieve success, whatever that may look like for them.


Year 3 parent testimonial

Hear From Our Year 3 Pupils

Meet Samira and Mathilde:

Meet Samira

Meet Mathilde

Year 3

Pupil work

My Online Schooling Junior School provides a modern, fun and flexible approach to learning in a digital environment. We aim to set pupils up for success in their education and beyond with creativity, cooperative work, connectedness to the world and adaptability being key features. See some of our Year 3 pupils’ work below.

Tommy's video for Creative Arts

Mathilde's Tea Tasting

Samira's video for Film Club


A 21st Century Primary School Education
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During our Year 3 Online Open Event, you’ll have the chance to:

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  • Take part in a Live Q&A Session where you can have your Questions Answered in Real-Time